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    The 2024 Graduates | UK G5, Canada's Top 1,Australia's Top 8...

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    21 Jun, 2024

    09 : 49

    • As of now, our students have achieved impressive results in this year's university admission season! They have received offers from top universities around the world, including the United Kingdom, Canada, and AustraliaMore than half of the offers come from the Top 50 universities in the world, and over 85% of them come from the Top 100 universities. This fully demonstrates the outstanding strength and wide range of choices of our students.


      These impressive admission results showcase both the students' hard work and the school's holistic education philosophy.

           *The above are some of the admission offers.


      Here, students not only receive quality academic education but also receive support in Careers and University Guidance Office, helping them smoothly enter their desired universities.



      Getting into a good university is a focus for students and parents, but uncertainty can make it difficult to prepare. Our Careers and University Guidance programme provides support for students' university applications.




      Careers and University 



      We have an experienced team of counselors in a dedicated office for overseas universities admissions counseling. With access to high-quality resources, the school provides professional counseling services to assist students and parents in making the best choices for their future education and careers, allowing them to excel in their chosen fields at world-renowned universities.



      Ms Erica Zhang /

      Careers and University 

      Guidance Counsellor


      • 10 years of university application counseling experience

      • Member of the International Association for College  Admission Counseling and China Institute of College Admission Counseling

      • Holds certification from the British Council, U.S. News for college admissions counseling and the International  Career Consultant Association for career planning

      • Helped students admitted by top universities worldwide, including the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, Columbia University, and Stanford University, etc.




      Ms Louisa Crook/

      School Counsellor


      • Bachelor’s in Art & Design in Education, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

      • Master’s in Counselling, Monash University

      • 5 years counselling experience, specialising in working with children, teens & young adults

      • Facilitator for resilience programmes with children & teens



      Parent Workshop

      Conversation with CUGO 

      Recently, the school organized a "Parent Workshop: Conversation with CUGO - UK Universities Special Session". It aimed to provide parents with comprehensive information about British universities, including their basic overview, application process, advantages, and challenges. Our Careers and University Guidance Counsellor, Ms Erica, shared in-depth insights to help parents gain a better understanding of British universities. The workshop also introduced the CUGO resources provided by the school, offering personalized and effective college planning for students, enabling them to approach their future academic and career paths with confidence and ease.



      Our 06/26 Secondary Open Day 

      Is Now Open to Sign up!


      Our last Secondary Open Day on June 26th will feature Mr Michael Mei, our Chinese Vice Principal, who will interpret the school's future, as well as Ms Erica Zhang, our Careers and University Guidance Counsellor, who will explain how to apply to overseas universities. A successful graduate representative, Daniel Zheng, will also share his experience.


      Parents can scan the QR code on the poster to sign up for our Open Day event.