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    Early Childhood

    Fundamental skills and whole child development.

    We offer two pathways for parents to choose from in the Early Years centre, either the Yew Wah world-leading ECE programme with its emergent curriculum approach or the IEK thematic approach. Parents are invited to come and find out which is the best option for their child.

    • English Immersion Environment

      We have native English speaking Western teachers in each class. Teachers will design different themes according to children's characteristics, interests and ages. Through games and stories, children can learn English naturally. With immersive learning they can not only pick up simple vocabulary and sentence patterns but also solve real-life problems and understand multi-culturalism.

    • Early Years programme

      Both programmes provide every child with opportunities to grow a positive self-identity. The adults ensure the programme meets each child's individual developmental needs. All learning areas integrate as the children, guided by the teachers, develop their physical, personal, social, communicative and emotional capabilities. Within both models, the children begin to formulate understanding of, and skills in, English and Chinese literacy, mathematics, creativity and knowledge of the beauty and cultural diversity of the world around them.

    • Partnership with Parents

      It is critical to the children’s development and success that parents actively participate in their child’s learning. Our newsletters, regular reports of the child’s ongoing learning journey and formal parental meetings are specifically designed to support this aim.

    ECE: Snapshot of a School Day