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    TEDx Documentary: The Future Begins with Every Specific Thought

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    27 Jun, 2024

    09 : 13

    • In this edition of TEDx talks, students, parents, and teachers from YCYW campuses across China gathered in Shanghai to share their visions and thoughts on "Futures"



      The speeches covered a wide range of topics including exploring different cultures and social dynamics, artificial intelligence, art, sports, and travel, and how they reshape our lives, personalities, and self-concepts. The event also showcased original musical performances, student-led initiatives on reducing food waste and community gardening projects. Additionally, there was a sustainable fashion show highlighting the students' creative fashion ideas.



      TEDx Talks 「Futures」



      Our students actively participated in a series of exciting activities. They immersed themselves in the TEDx stage, sharing their unique perspectives and insights on the future. During their speeches, they showcased their talents and wisdom, sparking resonance and reflection from the audience.



      My Dream, My Goal

       G2 Anirwa  

      Anirwa, shared his passion for airplanes and his dream of becoming a pilot. He experienced the wonders of flying during his first flight and began exploring the knowledge and history of airplanes. He discovered that the shape of airplanes is inspired by birds, allowing them to fly higher and faster. His exploration of airplanes deepened his respect for the crew members and pilots, and it also ignited his dream of becoming a pilot himself. He encouraged everyone to explore the world, acquire knowledge, set goals, and work hard to achieve them.




       G6 Elsa and Luciana  

      Elsa and Luciana delved into the meaning and role of dreams, covering not only their psychological and physiological effects but also emphasizing their importance in setting the future. They quoted Walt Disney's famous saying, "All your dreams can come true, if you have the courage to pursue them," encouraging people to pursue their dreams and persistently work towards achieving them. At the same time, they also reminded people to remain rational and not become overly obsessed with their dreams. Having a clear goal is the best choice in life, and it can bring a better future for individuals and families.




      Skirts and Shorts

       G8 EMMA  

      Emma conducted a profound analysis of the impact of prejudice and stereotypes, highlighting the unjust treatment they bring about. She shared her personal experience of being mistaken for a "shy girl" based on her appearance, emphasizing that stereotypes can harm others and limit our perspectives. Emma urged us to break free from the limitations of stereotypes, to try to understand individuals as they truly are, and not to overlook those who are excluded or labeled. She believes that we should respect each person's uniqueness and not ignore their true value because of superficial external features. We should strive to break the bonds of prejudice and stereotypes and pursue a more equal and inclusive society.




      The YCYW Collaborative Art Exhibitio「Imaginarium」




      In addition to the wonderful speeches, students also showcased their creativity and talents in the art workshop. They used various forms of art, such as painting, sculpture, and handicrafts, to create unique and distinctive artworks. Our students used AI technology to create a Chinese dragon artwork, showcasing the symbolic significance of different historical dynasties in China. These artworks are not just a combination of colors and shapes, but also a true expression of the students' emotions and creativity. Each piece of artwork is filled with the students' love and pursuit of art, showcasing their unique artistic style and creativity.


      During this process, they constantly explored, experimented, and innovated, fully showcasing their imagination and creativity. Such art workshops not only enrich the students' extracurricular lives but also provide them with more possibilities and opportunities for their future development.



      Vex Robotics Competition & Summer Concert



      Besides the wonderful speeches and art workshops, the students also actively participated in various activities, including the VEX Robotics Competition and the Summer Night Concert. In the VEX Robotics Competition, they demonstrated their teamwork and innovative thinking through the use of robotics technology, presenting a perfect combination of technology and creativity to the audience. At the Summer Concert, the students used the language of music to convey their inner emotions and love for music, bringing a wonderful musical experience to the audience. Our student, Haslina Atif, and Dr Cascione Pietro also gave a stunning performance, singing an emotional rendition of "Moon River".