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    A Distinctive Boarding Experience in YWIES Tongxiang

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    01 Jul, 2024

    09 : 44


      At YWIES Zhejiang Tongxiang, we offer a distinctive boarding experience. Our school Residence Hall Programme challenges conventional notions of boarding, as it is more than mere living spaces. It serves as an extension of the classroom and foster a cohesive community among students.


      We warmly welcome Mr Ludolph Grobler to YWIES Tongxiang as the Deputy Head of Residence Hall. He will be in charge of an English Intensive Program, which utilizes self-study time to help students consolidate their English foundations.



      As a South African English and Humanities teacher, Mr Ludolph Grobler has accumulated five years of teaching experience, having taught courses in English, History, and Social Sciences. He has demonstrated excellence in teaching and has also served as a Residence Head, responsible for the daily management of students and the operation of boarding facilities.


      PART 01 

      Modernized   Residence  Hall  Environment




      As our new Deputy Head of Residence Hall, Mr Ludolph was impressed by the school's modernized residence hall environment. He expressed that on his first day on campus, when he saw the "Future School" poster in the campus area, he firmly believed that the future had already arrived.


      The design of the student dormitory facilities is unique, and modern accommodation facilities ensure that students of all ages live in beautiful, spacious, clean, and safe environments. Each room is comfortable, modern, and safe, with attention to detail in design and furniture configuration, providing each student with a well-lit study space. Each room is also equipped with air conditioning, heating, and a private ensuite bathroom, providing students with a more comfortable living environment. In addition, the school provides students with state-of-the-art facilities and services, such as 24-hour security services, a gym, and self-study rooms, providing students with more learning and living convenience.


      Mr Ludolph has worked at a world-class boarding school in South Africa and visited others with similar standards, but he believes that YWIES Tongxiang's student dormitories are ahead of the game with top-notch facilities, friendly staff, and a warm and supportive atmosphere like a home. He is confident that students will have an unforgettable learning and living experience here.


      PART 02

      The Residence Hall Programme




      The Residence Hall Programme is dedicated to providing students with the highest quality services and facilities to help them adapt to campus life and promote their growth. The Residence Hall Programme focuses on cultivating students' skills in five major areas of development: life and survival skills, social, emotional, and leadership development, physical health, academic consolidation and enrichment, and bilingual reading.


      Balancing studies and life is crucial for a fulfilling dormitory experience. According to Mr Ludolph, in order to promote this balance, the Residence Hall has established a regular schedule of study and extracurricular activities, as well as a variety of cultural and sports events to enhance the comprehensive development of students' thinking and physical abilities. In addition, there is a dormitory student council to cultivate students' sense of responsibility and leadership.


      In addition, Mr Ludolph also mentioned that in the future, they will work closely with English teachers to create an immersive English learning environment for students. They will use self-study time to consolidate students' English foundations and design interesting and exciting evening English activities to help students improve their learning interests and skills. The school has also launched a "7-Day Residence Programme" to allow students to enjoy more fun and benefits in dormitory life while saving time for studying.


      PART 03

      Future Prospects




      We are committed to creating a nurturing environment in the Residence Hall where every resident feels at home and a sense of belonging, promoting happy learning and healthy growth.”


      Mr Ludolph highlighted the concept of "Ubuntu" in traditional African culture when talking about student dormitories. It emphasizes the power of community and the significance of collective growth, just like in the Residence Hall setting. The Residence Hall provides opportunities for individual growth, where students share, care for one another, and create a nurturing community away from home, shaping their future and personal development.


      Ludolph shared an African proverb, "It takes a village to raise a child", which highlights the responsibility of the whole community to care for and educate children, not just the parents or family. This approach helps children grow and develop, as well as promotes closer and more harmonious social relationships and cultural traditions.


      Mr Ludolph expressed his anticipation for the future, looking forward to witnessing the development of students and Residence Hall in the coming year. He emphasized the importance of student growth in both group and individual aspects, and expressed gratitude for the world-class facilities and supportive staff.



      We believe that Mr Ludolph Grobler's arrival will bring infinite inspiration and assistance to our students, and we look forward to him bringing more surprises and achievements for our students.