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    Leading the Future | Our Cutting-edge Practical Opportunities

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    03 Jul, 2024

    10 : 36

    • Recently, our students participated in a week-long Job Shadow Programme at local top firms to integrate knowledge, develop professional skills, and gain insights into diverse industries, broadening future career options.




      The Initial Experience of 

      The Medical Industry


      During this week, under the careful guidance of experienced mentors, the students delved into various core departments of Zhejiang Fert Medical Device Co.,Ltd., including Quality Control, Research and Development, Technology, Production, Sales, Finance, and Administration, embarking on a unique career experience journey. To better integrate into this environment, they invested time beforehand to carefully study the company's background and the specific situations of each department, aiming to create a clearer framework of career understanding for themselves.



      On the last day morning of the job shadow programme, the students participated in a graduation ceremony where they shared their feelings and observations from the past five days.




      The Initial Experience 

      of Clothing Design


      The students stepped into the Zhejiang Milalio Fashion Inc. Research and Development department, immersing themselves in the mysteries of design principles and the profound knowledge of yarn. They not only participated in planning new product development proposals, learning how to transform creative inspiration into concrete style drawings, but also grasped the essence of knitting clothing production, including the skills of hand crochet and basic embroidery.



      Yifan Artwork Display


      Colin Artwork Display



      Even more remarkably, the students also gained in-depth exposure to the intricate details of garment finishing, packaging, and post-production processes, which are also integral parts of the fashion industry. Each day's activities were carefully planned according to the department-specific guidebooks, ensuring that the students could comprehensively and systematically appreciate the diverse charm of the fashion industry.



      In the fashion R&D department, students witnessed the birth of new trends, innovative research on materials, and the entire process of transforming new fashion concepts from ideas to finished products. This immersive experience will help them build a profound understanding and three-dimensional perception of the fashion industry, laying a solid foundation for the workplace challenges they may face in the future, and inspiring their boundless passion and pursuit for the fashion industry.



      Admittedly, five days are far from enough to fully understand an industry and determine a future career direction, but a specific experience or even a snippet of conversation during the activity may spark new inspiration.


      The original intention of this event is to provide students with an immersive experience in the industry environment and opportunities for in-depth exchanges with industry experts, so that they can find their true interests and enhance their academic level.


      As emphasized by Dr Christopher Hurley, Head of EdFutures Division, the mission of the Future Education Department is to inspire students' interest and enthusiasm in technology, helping them transcend the limitations of time, space, and geography, and expand the possibilities of learning. 


      Meanwhile, the Future Education Department will also strive to create more opportunities for students to participate in the exploration of cutting-edge technologies, such as providing immersive learning experiences, and cultivating their flexible skills and qualities to cope with future challenges.



      These five days of immersive experience should be memorable moments worth reminiscing during the summer vacation for our students.


      Looking ahead to the future, the Job Shadow Programme will also become a regular programme in YWIES Tongxiang Future School, and will continue to be carried out without interruption. It not only carefully constructs a comprehensive, open and forward-looking learning environment, but also lays a path for students to explore the professional world at an early stage, allowing each curiosity and dream to find practical soil here.