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    2024 Graduation Ceremony | Embark on A Journey to The World

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    05 Jul, 2024

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    • Graduation Ceremony


      On July 4th, our 2024 Graduation Ceremony were held grandly in the school's auditorium.



      Our School Leadership Team, along with the families and friends who have accompanied the students through countless important moments in their lives, gathered together to witness this grand celebration of youth.



      Graduation Ceremony 2024


      Walking through the art gallery is like stepping into a boundless world of creativity. Every piece of artwork is filled with limitless imagination and possibilities. This special venue adds even more artistic atmosphere and a sense of ceremony to the students' graduation ceremony, making this important moment even more unforgettable and precious.




      Throughout this journey of school life, every step has been filled with exploration of the unknown and the desire for dreams. They have bravely forged ahead, overcoming obstacles, and ultimately earned proud letters of admission.



      The academic achievements of the 2024 graduates have once again shone brightly: YWIES Tongxiang's graduates have received offers from top universities around the world, including those in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and other countries and regions. The majors covered include business, economics, art, materials science, sociology, medicine, physics, computer science, and many other fields. Among them, more than half of the offers are from the world's top 50 universities, and over 85% of the offers are from the world's top 100 universities.


      Co-Principal's Address


      At the graduation ceremony, Ms Christine Carey, our Assistant Western Co-Principal, and Mr Michael Mei, our Chinese Vice Principal, delivered speeches.


      They expressed their deepest gratitude to all the teachers, parents, and students who were about to soar high with great respect. They thanked everyone for their hard work, unwavering support, and perseverance, which converged into a mighty force, propelling the school to forge ahead bravely and stride towards new glories.



      With a confident tone, the Co-Principals elaborated on their vision for the future. They firmly believed that the unknown world, akin to a vast and boundless ocean, held limitless opportunities and challenges. Therefore, they earnestly encouraged every student to bravely stand at the forefront of the times, embracing each dawn and dusk of the future with fearlessness. Regardless of how winding the road ahead may be, they must carry their dreams and forge ahead, allowing the vessel of youth to brave the waves in the ocean of knowledge and sail directly to the shore of their dreams.


      Furthermore, the principals emphasized the significance of lifelong learning, urging students to maintain their thirst and pursuit of knowledge even after leaving the campus, turning learning into a habit and an attitude towards life.



      Lastly, the two principals concluded their speeches with the most sincere blessings, wishing every student a promising future and dreams coming true.


      The Graduates' Speech


      In the speech delivered by the outstanding graduate, Melody expressed her gratitude for the seven years of learning in Tongxiang. She particularly thanked the teachers for their care and support, with special mention of her Chinese language teacher and homeroom teacher who had aprofound impact on her. She shared that in Tongxiang, she had learned invaluable lessons in being strong, independent, respectful of others, and enjoying learning, and expressed her hope that everyone could acquire these precious qualities here.



      Daisy reflected on her six-year growth journey at YWIES Tongxiang noting that every step the school took deeply influenced her. Additionally, she expressed gratitude to her mother for her unwavering trust and unconditional support, which served as a beacon lighting her path. Her mother's understanding of her passion for design and granting her the freedom to pursue her dreams nourished her creativity and aspirations, inspiring her to soar freely in the field of design, continuously breaking barriers and shining brightly.


      Daniel, Cecilia, and Jasmine also expressed their profound attachment and gratitude to YWIES Tongxiang in their graduation speeches. They thanked the school for not only imparting knowledge but also nurturing their character and dreams. Furthermore, they extended their heartfelt thanks to their parents for their silent support. Looking ahead, they encouraged their fellow graduates to boldly take firm steps in the face of future challenges and uncertainties, always believing that as long as they hold onto their dreams, the road ahead will be filled with flowers and boundless possibilities.


      The graduation certificate, a testament to years of hard work and sweat, marked the moment when they embarked on a new journey, packed their bags, and set off for distant lands.


      24-25 SCHOLARSHIPS

      At the award ceremony, the School Leadership Team presented certificates to the Primary, Secondary, and various scholarship winners.



      Adhering to the school's mission of "Aligning with Science and Technology, Culture and Arts, and Love and Charity", the Scholarship Programme is designed to recognize the remarkable achievements of our students who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance and to provide opportunities for talented students from diverse backgrounds to access our high-quality international education. 



      Tsang Chor-hang 

      Memorial Scholarship Awardee