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    YWIES Tongxiang Residence Hall's 2023-2024 Year-End Dinner

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    05 Jul, 2024

    16 : 31

    • Once again, it's time for the annual Residence Hall Year-end Banquet. Students gathered to celebrate the growth and success we have achieved throughout the past academic year.


      Our theme for this year is "Inspire Youth, Chase Dreams in the Starry River." Youth is beautiful; it represents the best time of our lives, a phase where we relentlessly pursue our dreams.


      During this youthful period, we are filled with passion and vitality, possessing boundless potential and possibilities. Dreams, on the other hand, serve as our driving force and destination, the source of our continuous progress and endeavors.


      Let us cherish this wonderful moment together, embracing the power of youth and the charm of dreams.



      Year-end Banquet



      On this warm and touching evening, all members of our dormitory department gathered joyfully to celebrate our efforts and achievements of the year. The auditorium was beautifully decorated with dazzling lights, exuding a festive atmosphere.


      Smiles of joy illuminated the faces of our classmates. We were particularly honored to have our Chinese Vice Co-principal Mr Michael Mei, join us for this Year-end Banquet. As the dinner officially commenced, the enthusiastic hosts Justin and Miti gracefully took the stage. Their natural and fluent hosting made the entire event appear relaxed and enjoyable.



      Additionally, Michael delivered a wonderful speech, acknowledging the hard work and progress made by all boarders throughout the year and expressing earnest aspirations for the future.



      Worth mentioning is that for this Year-end Banquet, we specially customized exclusive Coca-Cola bottles engraved with the names of the children. It is not merely a blessing or a gift, but a unique memento from the Residence Hall department to commemorate the efforts and experiences of all boarders throughout this year.




      An Exquisite Feast



      Following that, the delicious Banquet officially commenced. We indulged in a sumptuous feast, chatting freely about the harvests and insights gained throughout the year as we savored the delicious cuisine.




      A Spectacular 



      Immediately after, the curtain rose on a series of captivating performances. Among them, the song "5:20AM" sung by our four Grade 4 and 5 students, Stephey, Jacy, Justin, and Logan, left a profound impression on us. Additionally, the song 'Suddenly, It's Summer' performed by Grade 9 student Kevin elicited cheers from the audience.


      In addition to the splendid performances, the Banquet also featured interactive games and a lucky draw session. Everyone participated enthusiastically, filling the venue with continuous laughter. Especially during the lucky draw, the winners were delighted to receive generous prizes, their faces beaming with happiness.



      The Award 





      From the intense evenings of self-study to the vigorous sports in the gym, and the various exciting activities in the dormitory, our students have embodied the essence of youth and passion through their concrete actions.


      This year, we have organized a special Residence Hall department award ceremony to recognize those who have excelled in various aspects. The awards include "Civilization Star," "Popularity Star," "Talent Star," "Self-Discipline Star," "Academic Enthusiasm Star," "English Proficiency Star," "Sports Star," "Cleanliness Star," "Best Dormitory," "Best Individual," "Most Improved," "Most Active," and "Residence Hall Student Council Member Award," totaling 13 prestigious awards. Holding their certificates and gifts, the students felt immense pride and satisfaction.


      Youth is our most precious treasure, the driving force that propels us forward in our relentless pursuit of dreams. Throughout this year, we have spent countless unforgettable nights in our dormitories, learning, laughing, and growing together. The discussions about dreams, the moments striving towards goals, are all the most beautiful annotations of our youth. Every morning greeting, every late-night encouragement, every triumph of success, every comfort in failure, all contribute to the richness and color of our youth. We hope that in the days to come, we can continue to uphold this passion and courage, keeping on chasing our dreams in the starry river and inspiring our youth.