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    Arts Field Trip | Exploring the Charm of Leather Culture

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    17 Jun, 2024

    10 : 47

    • YWIES Tongxiang provides comprehensive education beyond traditional classroom learning, focusing on imparting subject knowledge and skills, as well as cultivating students' comprehensive abilities and competencies. Our curriculum includes an essential component of experiential learning, which enables students to learn and grow through hands-on experience, laying a solid foundation for their future careers and lives.



      Recently, Mrs El-Marie, our Art and Design teacher, led her Secondary students to visit a leather workshop. Mrs El-Marie emphasized the importance of mastering professional skills and exquisite craftsmanship in the leather industry before designing delicate leather accessories. This learning trip not only provided students with direct research and observation opportunities, but also greatly stimulated their expectations and enthusiasm for the upcoming BTEC L3 learning journey.


      Students gained a thorough understanding of the production process and related knowledge of leather products through the artisan teacher's introduction. The artisan teacher also demonstrated cutting, stitching, and punching techniques on-site.



      The artisan teacher also showed the students some of his handmade leather products and provided targeted advice on their design assignments, including tool selection, material choice, and practicality.



      Our Secondary students,Henry, Arthur, and Yifan shared their gains and thoughts after the activity.


      Henry and Arthur both agreed that learning is a never-ending process and they will focus on accumulating basic knowledge and improving their skills to reach a higher professional level.


      Yifan deepened his understanding of product design and believed that an excellent design should not only pursue fashion and aesthetics but also prioritize practicality and comfort to provide the best user experience.



      The leather workshop tour broadened the students' horizons and helped them appreciate the value of the artisan spirit. With the guidance of the artisan teacher, they gained knowledge and experienced the charm of leather craftsmanship. We hope this unforgettable tour will be a fond memory for them and inspire them to explore and love leather culture at a deeper level.



      The activity aimed to exercise the students' innovative spirit and practical abilities, with the hope that they can discover their potential and become valuable talents in the future.