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    Our 2024 Summer Camp Is Coming!

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    11 Jun, 2024

    11 : 15

    • We offer a rich array of 2024 programs tailored for different age groups. Whether you're a science enthusiast or a sports star, we have diverse options for you to explore.


      🙋 Limited spots available! Reserve your summer course now and embark on an unforgettable learning journey.


      YCYW ChinaOne Experiential Learning Program 

      Programme Highlights:

      • Travel across five cities in China from south to north within three weeks, exploring astronomy and geography, and experiencing humanities and sciences.

      • Multidisciplinary situational learning in biology, medicine, genetics, geology, computer science, mathematics, performing arts, drama, AI, big date, hotel management, and more.

      • Immersive multi-industry experience with expert interactions



      Target Students

      👉 Secondary Students 👈



      👉July (Please refer to the specific schedule for each activity) 👈


      Somerset English and Culture Summer Camp

      Programme Highlights

      • Engage in cultural exchanges, experience immersive English learning, enhance English proficiency

      • Visit scenic spots and historic sites, such as the Peak District National Park and the Chatsworth House

      • Cultural tours: visit the London Eye; enjoy museums and musicals Experience camping



      Target Students

      👉 Year 10/Grade 9 or above YCYW students (2024-2025 school year) 👈



      👉 29 July-14 August 👈



      Drone Summer Camp 


      Programme Highlights

      This programme will stimulate students' curiosity about the world through professional theoretical training and practice. Students will develop their imagination, thinking, and creativity. They will pass the examination to obtain the Junior Certificate of Multi-rotor Drone issued by the Aero Sports Federation of China (ASFC).



      Target Students

      👉 Students aged 12 and above 👈



      👉 July 15th - 19th 👈




      Sport and Robot  Summer Camp 


      Programme Highlights

      This immersive summer camp enhances students' athletic abilities, fosters team-building, and explores VEX robotics. A foreign head coach from Hong Kong, teaching primarily in English, provides an international learning environment.



      Target Students

      👉 Sport Camp 👈

      Grade 3 - 11 students


      👉 VEX-VRC International Robot Competition Training Camp 👈

      Grade 7 - 12 students


      👉 VEX-IQ International Robot Competition Training Camp 👈

      Grade 4 - 6 students



      👉 July 14th - 20th 👈


      During the summer camp, students can stay in school dormitories. On-campus living immerses them in activities, fosters community, and ensures participation in morning and evening events.



      Our dormitories offer a comfortable living environment, 24-hour security, and essential amenities, ensuring a safe and enjoyable stay for students.