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    Review on Our Winter Carnival

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    25 Jan, 2024

    13 : 10

    • Last month, YWIES Tongxiang held a grand Winter Carnival event. On this day, all teachers, students and parents participated in various colorful activities to celebrate the winter carnival in 2023 and welcome the arrival of the new year together.



      01 Exquisite Project Exhibition


      The Exquisite Project Exhibition in this year's Winter Carnival had winter as its theme, with students working together in mixed-age groups. The students fully demonstrated their creativity and imagination, actively exploring knowledge and culture related to winter. They used PBL project-based learning and worked in groups to prepare their exhibition content.


      The exhibition presented wonderful and meaningful displays, including snow arts, festival celebrations, winter cuisine, etc., allowing people to better understand and appreciate the beauty and charm of winter. This PBL project-based learning approach not only stimulated students' enthusiasm for learning but also cultivated their teamwork and innovative thinking skills, and this style of learning lays a solid foundation for their future growth.


      02 Aligning with Love and Charity | Exchange Market


      In the beautiful exhibition of works, there was also a check-in point - the Exchange Market.



      In the exchange market, students were able to take away items they like, such as toys, clothes, and books. This approach not only allows students to obtain new useful items but also reduces waste and environmental pollution. At the same time, the remaining items will be recycled or donated to charity activities for reuse or to help those in need.


      This demonstrates the students' social responsibility and their compassion for disadvantaged groups through the school mission of aligning with love and charity. Their actions can benefit more people, adding a warm color and deep meaning to this event.


      03 Aligning with Culture and Arts | Talent Show


      Aligning with Culture and Arts, the Winter Carnival is a stage for students to showcase their talents and personalities in a joyful atmosphere. Students fully prepared and rehearsed multiple times to present wonderful performances, including singing, playing instruments, dancing, etc. They used their passion and talent to add infinite colors and vitality to this festival, as well as demonstrate their confidence and courage to everyone.



      Through participating in performances and watching other students' wonderful shows, students can enhance their confidence, cultivate teamwork spirit, and feel the power and warmth of the group. Such activities not only allow students to grow up joyfully but also inject an artistic atmosphere into the entire campus, making children love their school more and enjoy the pleasure of learning.


      04 Aligning with Science and Technology | Drone Performance


      In addition to student performances, the Winter Carnival also had an extra surprise - a spectacular drone flying performance. Students and parents enjoyed the formation flight of multiple drones, as well as various precise and creative flight maneuvers. 



      The drone flying performance added a unique and wonderful experience to the Winter Carnival, and also allowed everyone to deeply feel the charm and infinite possibilities of technological advancement. Such activities will make students love technology more and look forward to more surprises and changes brought by future technological developments.


      05 Winter Cuisine


      The Winter Carnival also featured a variety of delicious food, all carefully prepared by the school's kitchen team. While enjoying the performances and participating in activities, students and parents also tasted a variety of delicacies. These included traditional snacks such as candied hawthorn, grilled beef, almond slices, as well as various winter drinks and specialty pastries. Food always brings warmth and satisfaction to people on cold winter days.



      The Winter Carnival was full of laughter and joy, with a festive atmosphere throughout the entire event. Through this activity, the school brought unforgettable memories and wonderful experiences to the students, as well as creating a campus culture full of love and care. At the same time, the event allowed parents and teachers to gain a deeper understanding of the students' interests and strengths, providing more support and guidance for their future development.