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    Great Offers from World Famous Universities!

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    13 Jan, 2024

    10 : 40

    • The 2024 graduates of YWIES Tongxiang have achieved exciting results in this year's university admission season! They have been accepted into several prestigious universities both domestically and abroad. Their success not only represents personal honor, but also showcases the outstanding qualities and potential of the students at YWIES Tongxiang.


      A highlight this week has been with our YWIES Tongxiang student, Jasmine Zara Jobber, who received an admission letter from the G5* University College London (UCL). This is a world-renowned comprehensive university with an excellent reputation in the humanities and social sciences.


      *G5, is the name of the five elite schools reported by the British media, the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, Imperial College London, University College London and the London School of Economics and Political Science, representing the highest level of scientific research and economic strength in the UK.


      Jasmine has spent her high school years in YWIES Tongxiang. Throughout the entire university application process, she carefully considered the type of university and major she wanted, paying attention to every detail of the application. Although the process of applying for university is full of challenges and pressure, Jasmine is still filled with enthusiasm and expectation. She deeply understands that applying for university is an opportunity to move towards higher goals and showcase her talents and abilities. Therefore, she spent a lot of time understanding the education philosophy and academic resources of different universities in order to choose the most suitable one for herself.



      Let's step into Jasmine's story and hear her thoughts on applying to universities.



      1. What led you to choose the Global Humanitarian Studies programme at University College London?


      First of all, I have always had a strong interest in international development and human rights issues, and I hope to contribute to global society through my own efforts. Secondly, University College London is one of the world-renowned comprehensive universities with excellent reputation and research strength in humanities and social sciences, especially in the field of global humanitarian studies where it holds a leading position, which deeply attracted me.


      In addition, I have participated in several relevant volunteer and practical activities organized by the school. These experiences have allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the importance and urgency of global humanitarian, and have inspired me to further study and exploration. Therefore, I believe that the Global Humanitarian program at University College London will provide me with extensive knowledge and skills to help me better understand and address global humanitarian challenges.


      2. Looking into the future, what are your goals?


      Looking into the future, I have ambitious goals and passion. First of all, I hope to deepen my learning and exploration in the Global Humanitarian program at University College London, mastering professional knowledge and research methods, in order to better understand and address global humanitarian challenges.


      Secondly, I hope to apply the knowledge and skills I have learned to practical work and make a positive contribution to addressing humanitarian issues faced by global society. I hope to advocate for the rights of marginalized groups, provide assistance, and improve living conditions.


      Most importantly, I hope to become an influential humanitarian leader and work towards building a more just, equal, and humane world.


      We are proud and honored of Jasmine's outstanding achievement. We believe that she will continue to shine in her future studies and development, and we look forward to seeing her achieve even greater success.


      Please see below for our latest university admission news till Jan 10.



      We are proud of our graduates' outstanding achievements.


      Let us wait for the subsequent admissions results and also look forward to receiving good news from YWIES Tongxiang students. We sincerely hope that they will continue to shine in their future paths!