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    Parent Ambassador Inauguration Ceremony

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    11 Dec, 2023

    15 : 25

    • On 22nd November 2023, amidst the golden autumn days, YWIES Tongxiang campus celebrated a memorable event. The “Parent Ambassador Programme Launch Ceremony” was held at the beautiful Baicui Garden Residence Restaurant, marking the official start of the project. With strong support from the school leadership team and teachers, the event was attended by seven distinguished Parent Ambassadors from different grade levels.



      The Co-Principals Ms Weiky Chang and Mr Damien Hehir, representing the School Leadership Team, gave impassioned speeches. They warmly welcomed the addition of the Parent Ambassadors and outlined the grand objectives of the Parent Ambassador Programme, as well asits important role in the future development of the school. The ceremony was hosted by the Deputy General Manager Mr Aaron Shea and Parent Relations Officer Maggie Zhang, it also provided a cordial platform for interaction among the guests.



      In a series of planned highlights, the Co-Principals presented the honorary "Parent Ambassador" badges to the Ambassadors in recognition of the role they will play in promoting the school's philosophy and values. The specially prepared roast lamb symbolised "San Yang Kai Tai", indicating that the Parent Ambassadors' future work would be smooth and successful. Throughout the evening, the Parent Ambassadors had a pleasant time with the school leaders and the teachers, strengthening mutual understanding and connection.



      The future role of the Parent Ambassadors will cover a wide range of aspects, including gaining a thorough understanding of the school's mission; promoting a broad awareness of the school among parents and the community; sharing information and building positive relationships; attending and promoting school events; and actively participating in school and business cooperation programs. Through these activities, the Parent Ambassadors will become an important link between the school and the wider community.


      The school has high hopes for the Parent Ambassador Programme and aims to use the strength of the Parent Ambassadors to build a stronger "parent-school" partnership, support students’ achievement and realise the school's mission and vision, and our Tongxiang Together 24 plans.



      The launch of Parent Ambassador Programme in YWIES Tongxiang signals a new phase of cooperation between the school and the parents. With the support of the Parent Ambassadors, let us look forward to innovative and developmental steps in parent–school cooperation, and open up a new chapter of parent engagement.