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    Happy Chinese "Dragon" Year!

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    05 Feb, 2024

    11 : 25

    • On the last day of semester, YWIES Tongxiang held a Chinese New Year event where teachers and students from different cultural backgrounds celebrated together. The campus was filled with a strong New Year atmosphere, bringing warmth and joy to everyone.



      The school organized various activities during the Chinese New Year event, such as cultural experiences, music performances, and food tasting. Students learned about Chinese traditional culture and history, making it an unforgettable experience for all.



      The students performances included dancing, singing, instrumental music, and stage plays. They incorporated famous Chinese anecdotes and historical stories, showcasing their understanding of traditional culture. For example, the students brought to life different dynasties' styles and cultures in Chinese history through performances of historical plays such as "Han Yuefu" from the Qin and Han Dynasties and "Mulan Poetry" from the Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties. Parents also participated by wearing costumes from different Chinese dynasties in a fashion show with their children.


      The Chinese New Year Celebration was a cultural feast that provided a profound education on history and culture for the students. It enriched their artistic cultivation, enhanced their confidence, and emphasized the essence of Chinese culture. The active participation of parents set an example for the students, motivating them to explore and inherit the treasures of Chinese culture.


      The Chinese New Year Carnival had 18 activity booths featuring traditional folk games, cultural experiences, and Chinese cuisine.


      In the traditional folk gamesarea, students learned and experienced traditional handicraft skills like paper cutting, dragon making, and sugar painting. They created exquisite paper-cutting works, dragon dance props, and sugar paintings, experiencing the charm and creativity of traditional handicrafts.



      In the cultural experience exhibition area, students participated in various activities to gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture, such as interactive dragon flag dancing.


      Booths offered traditional Chinese foods like eight treasures rice pudding, pan-fried dumplings and candied hawthorn for students to taste, allowing them to experience the delicious taste of Chinese New Year and the festive atmosphere of traditional holidays.



      The Chinese New Year Carnival allowed students to fully experience the unique charm of traditional culture in a joyful atmosphere, increasing their knowledge and understanding. These activities enriched their learning experience and promoted their awareness of the inheritance and development of Chinese culture.


      AI technology helped students understand the symbolic meaning of the Dragon Totem in different dynasties, and generated images of Chinese dragons from different dynasties based on their understanding. Under the guidance of the art teacher, students from different grades transformed the flat dragons in the AI world into various "dragons" that could dance in the real world. Each dragon corresponds to a different historical dynasty of China, and students used their imagination and creativity to create their own Chinese dragons. These Chinese dragons, with their various forms, were exhibited during the Chinese New Year celebration, attracting the attention and appreciation of many teachers, students, and parents.



      The event also featured a dragon dance activity, where students learned and performed the dance under the guidance of their teachers. Their performance showcased the spirit and grandeur of the Chinese dragon, while expressing their love and pursuit of Chinese culture.


      Now that our Chinese New Year event has concluded, let us take this special moment to wish each other well for the new year and we look forward to the future.