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    Recap on EAL Workshop And The Path to Bilingual Education

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    20 May, 2024

    13 : 40

    • *EAL (English as an Additional Language) denotes the learning and use of English by individuals whose first language is not English, encompassing the essential skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing for functioning in English-speaking environments.



      Ms. Linda Li, with her deep expertise in bilingual education and experience as the former Chinese Co-Principal at Yew Chung Puxi Campus, provided insightful perspectives that made the workshop a highly enlightening platform for learning and exchange.


      During the workshop, Ms. Linda Li outlined the types of bilingualism and discussed the essential theories and components of second language acquisition, providing parents with a comprehensive and practical understanding of bilingual education.

      Ms. Linda Li then distinguished between social and academic language, highlighting their differences in use and features with examples. She emphasized the importance of Chinese and compared it to English in terms of expression and cultural context, thereby enhancing parents' appreciation of bilingual education.


      In the workshop's interactive segment, parents actively discussed and exchanged insights, enhancing their knowledge of native and second language learning. Ms. Linda Li also shared practical tips to help parents better support their children's bilingual development.


      Moreover, Ms. Linda Li highlighted the importance of a solid first language foundation for bilingual children's success in learning a second language. Her practical strategies and advice offer valuable guidance for parents supporting their children's language acquisition.


      This EAL workshop provided parents with a better grasp of bilingual upbringing and language learning essentials. The knowledge and skills acquired are expected to positively impact their children's bilingual journey.