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    Positive Results in The 2024 Kangaroo Mathematics Competition

    Wechat News

    13 May, 2024

    09 : 23



      Twenty of our YWIES Tongxiang students achieved excellent results in the 2024 Kangaroo Mathematics Competition, winning a total of 9 medals, including 2 National Top Gold, 1 National Gold Awards, and 6 National Bronze Awards.


      Grade 8 Dylan Ding 

      National Top Gold


      Grade 3 Justin Luo 

      National Top Gold



      These awards are a testament to the students' courage to continuously push their limits and their unwavering dedication to excellence in Mathematics. They have relentlessly challenged themselves, overcome obstacles, and embraced the competition, ultimately achieving outstanding results.


      Competitions not only showcase students' talents but also develop their critical thinking and teamwork skills. Through these experiences, they learn how to face challenges, solve problems, and collaborate, which will be crucial for their future development.


      Ms Wang Qing, head of Secondary Mathematics Department, believes that winning competitions is not the ultimate goal of their learning journey. Their ultimate goal is to use exams to stimulate students' interest in math and improve their thinking abilities. Our students are participating in more excellent and important international competitions, which will be an important symbol of expanding their international horizons.


      Congratulations to the award-winning students and their guiding teachers. Their achievements are not only their personal honor but also a source of pride for the entire school.


      We believe they will continue to strive for higher goals and create more achievements for YWIES Tongxiang in the future.



      The Kangaroo Mathematics Competition was initiated by Peter O'Halloran, a renowned Australian mathematician, in 1980. In 1991, it was officially named the "Kangaroo Mathematics Competition" as a tribute to O'Halloran.


      Math Kangaroo is the world's largest international math competition for young people, with over 6.3 million participants from 87 countries and regions.


      Math Kangaroo differs from traditional math competitions by using interesting and relatable problems to inspire children's interest and confidence in math, as well as to develop their mathematical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills. It is suitable for students of all levels and grades.