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    A Cultural Gathering of Parents and School

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    20 Oct, 2023

    09 : 40

    • On 28 September, our school held the first activity designed just for parents, of this academic year. To align with the theme of Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Holiday, we chose "Back to Song Dynasty" as our theme, inviting parents to "travel" back to the Song Dynasty and experience the charm of the "Four Elegances".


      At the beginning of the event, our consultant for the event Ms. Chen had already lit a pot of incense for the parents and explained the characteristics of Song Dynasty flower arrangement in an atmosphere filled with the scent of osmanthus. Ms. Chen then explained in detail the method of the "Song Dynasty Tea Ceremony" and the etiquette of tea tasting. Under her guidance, the parents tried it one by one. Then, in the pleasant atmosphere of tea tasting, the parents made small bookmarks in the style of Song “Thin Gold Body Writing”. Finally, while enjoying tea or coffee with moon cakes, the parent participants chatted happily.


      After the event, we conducted a questionnaire survey.


      One mother said, "I hope the school can organise more cultural activities with different themes in the future. This 'Elegance of Song Dynasty' was really beautiful, and the parents also gained knowledge. The school's activities can improve communication and discussion among parents about their children's education. At the same time, through these activities, parents can help promote the school more".


      Another parent said: "I look forward to more parents getting involved in the future. Also, the school's photography and art teachers are very professional, we should make full use of these resources".


      Finally, one mother said, "This event exceeded my expectations, it was very successful and had a high level of participation. The school put a lot of effort into it. The event was very well prepared and provided an excellent experience".


      We look forward to more of these types of parent activities in the future.