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    Lead by Example: The First Scholarship Awardees of YWIES Tongxiang!

    School News

    10 Sep, 2020

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    • The first scholarships awarded at YWIES Tongxiang were announced after three rounds of strict screening on July 3, 2020. The awards include the Madam Tsang Chor-Hang Memorial Scholarship (Overall Achievement) and Subject Specific Scholarships.The purpose of these scholarships is not only to honour students’ achievements, but also to encourage them to continue to strive for excellence in academic performance and service to the school and community.

      The final award shortlist was evaluated by the Scholarship Committee. After being reviewed by the School Leadership Team (SLT) the list was sent to our Organisation’s headquarter in Hong Kong for final approval.The scholarships aimed to fully demonstrate the elegant demeanour ofstudents in YWIES Tongxaing, recognise their excellent academic andspecificsubjectperformance, and encourage them to carry forwards their good personal character and lead others to make moreprogress.

      Which students were awarded scholarships? Let's find out the answer below.

      Madam Tsang Chor-Hang Memorial Scholarship
      (Overall Achievement)

      LilyGao, Grade 11
      (Awarded RMB117,500 yuan scholarship)
      Lily is akey member of the Student Council and a co-host of 2019 Seeds of Hope Concert held at YWIES Tongxiang.We are glad that Lily has set herself the goal of either becoming a doctor specialising in the cardiovascular system or a computer programmer and plans to study at Imperial College, London once she completes her A Level.
      NancyWang, Grade 11
      (AwardedRMB 117,500 yuan scholarship)
      Nancywas awarded the English, Chinese and ScienceAcademic awards for attaining the best score in those subjects in hergrade. She has empathy, creativity and an active learning spirit.She often leads by example and looks forward to being a leader within our Student Council next year.
      Andy Chen, Grade 7
      (AwardedRMB 107,500 yuan scholarship)
      Andy joined the school in 2017, its founding year, and has actively participated in a number of school and community activities. Hehas been willing to be involved in the school community including co-hosting the 2019 Seeds of Hope Concert held at YWIES Tongxiang. Andy is a leader in the school and sets the benchmark for his peers.
      Jack Qi, Grade 7
      (AwardedRMB 107,500 yuan scholarship)
      Jack is making good academic progress, and shows good character by respecting and motivating others. Healso attained the Commitment and Perseverance Awards for Science, Computer Science, Global Perspectives, English and Drama for showing the greatest persistence and progress throughout this academic year. Jack has represented the school at a number of external competitions and constantly leads his peers by encouraging them to do better.

      Subject Specific Scholarship


      Lisa Li, Grade 7
      (AwardedRMB 50,000 yuan scholarship)
      Lisa joined the school in the founding year and is full of enthusiasm for learning.She achievedanA* in her final report and she wasawardedthe Commitment and Perseverance Award for Mathematics after making significant progress last year. She is an enthusiastic and inquisitive learner whose competitive nature pushes her peers to give their best in every lesson.
      Mark Cao, Grade 8
      (AwardedRMB 50,000yuan scholarship)
      Mark has ambitious goals and works hard to achieve them.He was awarded the Academic Award for Mathematics and Computer Science. Heis planning to go to MIT in the US and return to China to either teach Mathematics or continue studying as a Mathematician.

      IloDing, Grade 9
      (AwardedRMB 50,000yuan scholarship)
      Ilo was the highest achieving Mathematics student in hergradeduring the 2019/2020 academic year. She achieved an A* in her final report. Ilo was awarded the Academic Award for Mathematics, Art & Design, Science and Computer Science. Sheis considering becoming a doctor or a mathematics teacher in the future.


      AlinaJiang, Grade 7
      (AwardedRMB 50,000yuan scholarship)
      Alinascored an A in her final report. She has great enthusiasm for language learning and the ability to think deeply.She represented the school in a provincial English speech competition and was the winner of the English Academic Awardfor the past two years.


      Jenny Gao, Grade 6
      (AwardedRMB 50,000yuan scholarship)
      Jennyattained full marksin all aspects of Chinese (language), and Chinese Studies. She is a confident student and we expecther to be considered forthe overall scholarship again next year.

      Performing Arts

      Cici Yu, Grade 12
      (AwardedRMB 50,000yuan scholarship)
      Cici joined in the founding year of the school in 2017.She is the head of the Student Council and has a great passion for drama performance. Cici hasbeenthe head of our SchoolCouncil and has taken a leadership role to assist her peers in learning.Sheplans to study acting in the future and hopes to reach her goal of becoming a theatrical actor.