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    Our Science Day | Exploring the Joy of Science Across Campuses

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    01 May, 2024

    12 : 28

    • YWIES Tongxiang is committed to aligning with Science and Technology, and we are dedicated to fostering students' love for science and their spirit of exploration. Through various special projects and team collaborations, we encourage active learning and cultivate students' research interests.


      YWIES Tongxiang recently held its annual Science Day event, offering students a diverse range of science experiments and activities to enhance their scientific knowledge, thinking, and practical skills. The event also provided a platform for over 30 students from YCIS Shanghai, Pudong Campus and YWIES Lingang to participate in a cross-campus collaborative activities, expanding their opportunities for communication and exchange.


      Dr Christopher Hurley, Director of EdFutures Division, presented a captivating 'Science Show' at the opening of this year's Science Day, showcasing the wonders of chemistry and physics through several intriguing experiments and providing children with a fun and amazing hands-on experience of science.


      Experiment 1 Exploring Solution Acidity and Alkalinity Changes

      Experiment 2 Temperature's Impact on Material Properties

      Experiment 3 Demonstrating Hydrogen Gas Combustion Characteristics

      Experiments showcase the magic of science to children.


      Over 20 student-led research projects were showcased at the Science Day, with teachers and parents voting for their favorite projects through QR codes. Students demonstrated their innovation and scientific literacy, injecting new vitality into science education.


      Emma, a Grade 8 student, participated in the 'Harbinger of The Future Hydrogen' project, where she aimed to create a hydrogen fuel car to replace gasoline and electric cars. She faced challenges in finding suitable materials for the hydrogen production device but ultimately succeeded through trial and error, improving hydrogen production efficiency.

      Jessica, a Grade 6 student, presented her team's project, 'The Third Plate', which promotes sustainable farming methods and indigenous wisdom to cultivate healthier and more delicious food. The project garnered interest from many students and raised awareness for environmental protection and sustainable development.

      Ms Betty Bai, our Chinese Head of Primary and Grade 5 homeroom teacher, presented her class's project, 'My Ideal School', which was inspired by the book 'The Little Bean Sprout by the Window'. The students explored the topic of 'What is good education? What is my ideal school?' through reading, discussion, and drawing. They created a concept of five school districts that integrate with nature, including a lifelong learning center for future development. They also prepared a play based on the book to showcase their understanding and insights into the characters.

      Science Day activities were combined with the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) to guide students in contributing to sustainable development. Eleven student teams showcased their research and discoveries.


      The VEX Robotics Competition aims to inspire student interest in STEM fields through fun and challenging competitions. This year, we hosted students from YCIS Shanghai, Pudong Campus and YWIES Lingang, and our own school for the VEX V5 and VEX IQ challenge, where teams exhibited fierce competition spirit.

      We will also host a VEX summer camp for interested children to enjoy the passion and joy of VEX competitions. Looking forward to our students' success next season!


      The Science Day competition, organized by Academy Houses, covered Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Science through a quiz format. The competition had three levels and tested students' subject knowledge and skills, while igniting their interest in science.

      We presented an exciting drone flight performance that showcased stunning techniques and maneuvers, inspiring the audience's interest and imagination in aviation technology and innovation.