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    2023-24 Winter Swimming Gala Review

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    24 Nov, 2023

    12 : 48

    • Last academic year, YWIES Tongxiang successfully held the first "Yew Wah Cup" Swimming Gala, which attracted multiple swimming clubs and other schools to participate. In order to further develop local student swimming activities and encourage students to participate more actively in sports, the school will host two seasons of "Yew Wah Cup" Swimming Gala each academic year, including Yew Wah Winter Cup and the Yew Wah Summer Cup.


      Recently, the Yew Wah Winter Cup of this academic year was successfully concluded. The swimming gala also attracted multiple swimming clubs and schools from local and surrounding areas, with hundreds of participants. During the competition, the swimmers demonstrated their swimming skills and strength, and the atmosphere on-site was lively with continuous applause from the audience. After intense competition, multiple awards were presented, highlighting the outstanding performance and spirit of the participants.


      In the Yew Wah Winter Cup Swimming Gala, our school swimming team performed exceptionally well and even won the championship trophy as the team award, making them the biggest winners of the competition. The team members also stood out individually and received multiple medals in various individual events.


      Mr Adam Porter, our Head of PE & Sports,one of the responsible teachers who organized and prepared for the Swimming Gala, expressed that winter swimming is not common in Tongxiang, so they wanted to challenge this and organize a winter competition. The competition was also well received by the participating athletes. In addition, as the only winter swimming competition in the city currently, it also provided an opportunity to showcase the school facilities and student strength.


      Mr Aaron Shea, our Deputy General Manager (Management Office), also stated that close contact with other local swimming clubs will bring more opportunities for our swimming school team to participate in competitions. Also, there will be a large-scale local swimming event in February-March next year, which is Tongxiang Li-Ning Invitational Swimming Competition. Our school's swimming team will also represent the school in the competition, and we wish them continued excellent results.


      Yew Chung Yew Wah has always attached great importance to physical education, and rich sports curriculum and Co-Curricular Activities run through our primary to high school stages. YWIES Tongxiang is also committed to providing a rich sports curriculum to help students develop comprehensively. Mr Adam mentioned that the school is currently planning to launch the "Yew Wah International Swimming Program" (YWISP) for physical education courses teaching. Through diverse sports curriculum and activities, students can explore their interests, exercise, improve their skills, and cultivate willpower, leadership, and teamwork spirit. In addition, a rich sports curriculum can also stimulate students' learning enthusiasm and creativity, promote their performance in other subjects, and help them become more comprehensive, healthy, and confident individuals.