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    Future School Programme Pre-Launch (Finished)

    Upcoming Events

    17 Mar, 2024

    10 : 48

    • Dr Esther Chan, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (K-12) and Dr Troy Lui, Chief Education Officer, both of the YCYW Education Network will join us in unveiling the Future School. Bring your friends along - all welcome!


      Event Details


      Date: 17 Mar 2024 (Sun)

      Time: 2:00 PM-6:00 PM

      Venue: 88 He Yue Avenue, Gao Qiao Town, Tongxiang, Zhejiang



      • Sharing from our 2024 graduates on their transformative journey at Yew Wah
      • The latest on the YCYW EdFutures programme
      • Student performances
      • Tasting ofTongxiang specialty cuisine - roast lamb and wildfire rice
      • Interactive sports activities for students


      Fostering Future Success at Yew Wah - A Distinctive Us

      Let us witness together, the distinctive future of YWIES-TX!

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