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World Classroom

The World Classroom programme is a concept of learning beyond the school building walls. It is an extension of the experiential, project-based learning at the core of the YWIES educational model. It is a unique experience that allows students to experience major cultures of the world, including European, African, Middle Eastern, Pacific, and Anglo-American.

  • World Classroom

    Through first-hand cross-cultural experiences, the programme increases students’ awareness and understanding of other cultures, promotes critical thinking, and helps students develop an appreciation of other viewpoints.

  • World Classroom

    The programme ultimately helps prepare our students for an evolving modern world by nurturing their cross-cultural knowledge and skills, international-mindedness, and attitudes on their path to becoming true global citizens with a commitment to serving family, the community, and society.

  • World Classroom

    Each trip includes an integrated school visit with local students, as well as carefully selected community service projects to foster a more socially aware outlook among our students, and allowing them to put kindness, compassion, and benevolence into action.

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