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English Language Enhancement 

As virtually all YWIES Tongxiang students are not first language users of English, our entire English language programme focuses on enabling the children to function as confident users of the English language as quickly as possible. We recruit specialists in teaching English as an Additional Language and provide extensive training to all our teachers in working with bi- and multi-lingual learner. In addition, our bi-lingual Chinese teachers provide an excellent role model for students learning their second language. They provide a variety of learning activities that enable the children swiftly to develop their English and to demonstrate their increasing understanding in authentic ways.

  • Intensive English Learning Programme

    Intensive English Learning Programme

    Children learn and develop at different speeds, and language acquisition can initially be challenging for children who have had little or no meaningful exposure to the English language prior to joining YWIES Tongxiang. We therefore offer extra English as an Additional Language (EAL) support from teachers whose sole job is to deliver that aspect of our programme. EAL work focuses on the needs of the individual child, helping the child to build confidence in using English.

    A child’s intellectual and learning capabilities are not determined solely by her/his linguistic skills, so at all times the aim of the EAL programme is to ensure the child has full access to the learning opportunities our programmes offer, and also has full opportunity to demonstrate her/his learning and intellectual capability.

  • English Immersion Environment

    English Immersion Environment

    YWIES Tongxiang is a bilingual environment in which children operate in both Chinese and English. Mother tongue maintenance is essential to effective learning and, aside from Chinese Language, our Mathematics and Chinese Studies programmes are taught in Chinese. However at times we will immerse the children only in English to accustom them to thinking and operating in English.

  • Somerset Yew Wah Classroom in UK

    Somerset Yew Wah Classroom in UK

    Somerset Yew Wah Classroom in UK is a key component of Yew Wah’s Primary and Secondary curriculum. Accompanied by their teachers, Grade 6 and 8 students at YWIES Tongxiang participate in an extended Yew Wah Classroom at the campus in Somerset, UK. All classes are taught by native speaking teachers permanently based at the accommodation. The programme is discussed beforehand between YWIES Tongxiang and the Somerset venue and structured according to the needs of the children. Students have opportunities to attend local classes to study and participate in a range of activities with local students of the same age. There is also a rich variety of tours covering various aspects of English history and culture. Students communicate with others from different cultural backgrounds, and develop self-sufficiency and collaborative skills in a safe and secure environment.

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