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Learning Communities

  • World Classroom

    The campus design is led by Fielding Nair International (FNI) which focuses on the architectural and interior design for international schools all over the world. School projects planned by FNI have won international awards for excellence. FNI designs the teaching environment to support 21st century learning. It emphasises the importance of learning communities, which is comprised of a variety of learning spaces. Through this flexible and innovative design, it creates an interactive “group learning communities” and increases student engagement and teacher involvement while keeping independent learning space for each student.

  • World Classroom

    A “learning communities” is a pedagogical approach, placing students at the centre of thinking and is enquiry-based, interdisciplinary, technology-rich, collaborative and personalised. Through innovative teaching within flexible learning spaces, it encourages and facilitates teacher planning and multi-disciplinary and multi-modal learning.

  • World Classroom

    The Learning Community model facilitates learning that is individual, in a group, community, and team. Research clearly supports the idea that learning is constructed and occurs best as a social activity. Children experience a rich and caring environment where academic success is underpinned by the development of character and the whole child.

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