Tongxiang Campus

Ms Joan Chen

Chinese Co-Principal

Ms Joan Chen joined YWIES Tongxiang in March, 2020 and she was appointed as the Chinese Co-Principal of school.

Ms Chen is an experienced education leader as well as a seasoned classroom teacher, with a total of 30 years in education. Having gained a bachelor’s degree in English from Shanghai Normal University, she worked in several schools as an English teacher in Shanghai. She was promoted several times and became a vice principal. Ms Chen’s interests and previous projects include student mentoring, e-learning and curriculum design.

To further her career, Ms Chen worked in a school in Australia as an acting principal and chief executive officer, contributing to both the academic and business management aspects of the institution. As a result of her rich and varied experience, Ms Chen has an in-depth knowledge of the China National Curriculum and international education and practices, including the local curriculum in Australia and the British IGCSE.

At YWIES Tongxiang, we value bilingual education, multi-culturalism and global citizenship and Ms Chen’s educational background and experiences will add to the strengths of our education philosophy.

We believe Ms Chen will work with other SLT members together to lead the school forwards to greater success in the future.

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