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Mr Trevor Spence

Western Co-Principal

Mr Trevor Spence joined YWIES Tongxiang in August, 2020 and he was appointed as the Acting Western Co-Principal.

Mr Spence is an erudite education leader as well as an experienced classroom teacher, with a total of 36 years in education. He gained a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in History from Queen’s University of Belfast and the University of York, UK, respectively. He then obtained his PGCE from the University of Oxford. Being a life-long learner, he is now in pursuit of a Doctor of Education.

Mr Spence has a wealth of experience as an educator. He has worked through the ranks from being a History teacher, to the head of sixth form, to Assistant Principal and then to the Principal of a school. He has also worked as a house master in a boarding school. Therefore, he has an in-depth understanding of the inner-workings of a school. Having worked in many schools that cater for non-native English speakers, Mr Spence also has a good understanding of the challenges our students face linguistically.

Furthermore, Mr Spence taught in Spain, Argentina, Malaysia, Qatar and the UK. He has experience of a number of international curricula, including GCSE, IGCSE, IBDP and A Level, and is highly familiar with international education contexts. He himself has an international background, with a mixed parentage of Irish and Spanish, while he grew up in the UK.

Being a passionate educator and leader, Mr Spence believes in empowering his staff while being very hands-on and visible around the school at the same time. He promotes collaboration among staff at all levels.

Mr Spence will be working alongside Acting Chinese Co-Principal Ms Joan Chen, and School Business Manager Ms Julia Xu, and they will be guided and supported by Education Director Mr Tin Ip, together forming the School Leadership Team of YWIES Tongxiang, with responsibility for all areas of school operations. We are confident that Mr Spence will be a strong addition to the SLT and that the school will benefit greatly from his expertise.

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