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Our Philosophy

Yew Wah residence halls, as vital extensions of our schools, seek to instil a lifelong love of learning in our residence hall students and actively nurture their whole-person development in order to prepare them to live successful lives characterised by responsible global citizenship, compassion for others and personal integrity.

  • Dormitory Facilities Services

    Dormitory Facilities & Services

    Yew Wah residence halls are specifically designed to ensure that all students live in a beautiful, spacious, hygienic and secure environment with modern residential facilities. All students live in groups with 3-12 persons per room depending on grade level. Our rooms are comfortable, modern and secure, with attention to detail in design and furnishings. There is enough study space with good lighting for each student resident. Each room provides air-conditioning and heating, and residents share a private en suite bathroom. There is a family room in which students can socialise, discuss their studies and watch TV during their leisure time.

  • Residential Life

    Residential Life

    Yew Wah residence halls have a timetable for students to follow with regular studying time and activities. Hall staff will supervise evening study. Activity times of age-appropriate length are required for all residence hall students. Residents study in a quiet space and our hall staff will act as mentors to check students' homework diaries, ensure homework is done, help with any problems and communicate with teachers if necessary. Students are free to read anything other than textbooks and homework materials. The purpose is to help extend students' knowledge beyond the classroom. Residence halls always organise diversified activities involving culture and sports for residents after regular studying time. These activities can nurture whole-person development.

  • Hall Management

    Hall Management

    Yew Wah's low staff to resident ratio facilitates a nurturing environment that focuses on the individual and promotes students’ safety and well-being. Our hall staff looks after the students from the moment they wake up and go to school until the time they go to sleep. All hall staff members are well trained with regard to the dorm’s daily operations, event or activity planning, safety and security of students as well as crisis management. Yew Wah’s dorm staff will talk with parents by phone or in person about their child on a regular basis, and communicate with parents whenever necessary should the need arise. Residence halls will also produce a regular newsletter reporting recent dorm activities and upcoming events.

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