Ms Yao Xu

Chinese Vice Co-Principal

Ms Yao Xu graduated from Shanghai Normal University in 1997 with a bachelor’s degree in Chinese Language and Literature Education. She is very familiar with China’s college entrance examination courses, the British O-Level course, the British IGCSE course, and the IB DP A Literature course, and she was appointed IB DP A Literature examiner in March 2017. After graduating from university, she joined Shanghai Xiang Ming High School where she taught four graduating classes for 12 years. Since becoming a district-level leading teacher in 2004, she has published several articles on education in city-level newspapers and periodicals, helped write books on teaching materials and conducted several city-level or district-level open classes. In 2010, employed by the Singapore Ministry of Education she taught Chinese teaching for one year in Singapore. After joining Yew Chung International School of Shanghai in 2011, she has taught classes from Years 8 to 13, including IGCSE course and IB DP A Literature course. In 2014, she was elected Group Leader of Years 10-13 and helped revise YCIS Shanghai’s Secondary Chinese curriculum. She has enjoyed trust by students and parents for the past six years at YCIS Shanghai.