Tongxiang Campus

Message from School Leadership Team

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to this new academic year, a seminal year marking the foundation of the Yew Wah International Education School of Tongxiang.

As we approach 85th anniversary of Yew Wah and Yew Chung, we at YWIES Tongxiang will celebrate the opening of the newest campus of Yew Wah – a campus that has been specifically designed to enhance learning that is situated in the 21st century.

Importantly, our education programmes have been developed within the context of the innovative Learning Community Model; a model of education that places the child at the centre of all strategic thinking; a model of learning that is positioned in excellent, rigorous and engaging curricula and pedagogy, where academic, social/emotional, moral and spiritual needs of the child will be nurtured.

As the world continues to increase in complexity, it is important that we provide an education that builds character, develops the whole child – a child who is internationally minded yet also cognizant of her/his indigenous Chinese cultural base.

YWIES Tongxiang, in delivering a bi-lingual programme, immerses the child within a unique learning environment that values the world language of both the mother tongue, Chinese and the English language, potentially leading our graduates to a level of fluency in both.

We warmly welcome you all and invite you to discover more about us, and hope that your journey of discovery will lead your children to begin their life journey in education with us where, we, with your help may guide them to “fly with their own wings”.

Tongxiang Admissions Office

Tel: (0573) 8896 6605
Address: 88 He Yue Avenue, Gao Qiao Town, Tongxiang
Postal Code: 314515
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